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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

REVIEW: iBall Groovy - Bluetooth Neckphone With Mic

I purchased the iBall Groovy (Bluetooth Neckphone With Mic) from Flipkart yesterday. I am pretty impressed by the service of Flipkart. Ordered it on Monday and got it on Tuesday! Used the "Cash on Delivery" option to pay.

Details and the review are after the jump..

• Behind-the-head style.
• In-Ear design with comfortable and stable wearing.
• Innovative music and call controls.
• Stereo Bluetooth headset with built-in Mic.
• Built-in rechargeable battery (through USB)
• Ideal for use at home, office and outdoor.
• Call transfer between the headset and Bluetooth Cell phone.
• Hands-free conversation from Bluetooth-enabled Cell phones or PC.
• Pause the music & Play back automatically when receives an incoming call.
• Support play/pause, previous/next track, volume up and volume down.
• Automatically connect to the last connected Bluetooth device.

Technical specifications:
• Bluetooth Version:  v2.1+EDR
• Frequency Range: 2.402GHz~2.480GHz
• Bluetooth Profile: HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP
• Effective Range: Up to 10 meters
• Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery
• Built-in Mic: Built-in high sensitive Mic
• Working Time: Music - Up to 6 hrs, Talk - Up to 7 hrs.
• Standby Time: Up to 120 hrs.
• Charging Time: Approx. 2 hrs
• Dimensions: 63.5 x 135 × 136.5 mm (HxWxD)
• Weight: ~35 g

The M.R.P of the device is Rs. 2,250/-. I got it from Flipkart for a reduced price of Rs. 1,700/-

• Lowest priced in its category.
• As its an in-ear headset, no loss of sound.
• Connects to bluetooth devices easily.

• The back of the Neckphone is fixed. Can't adjust to you liking.
• Only USB charging is available.

The package i got from Flipkart is this:

Inside i found the Neckphone with its original packing.. :-)

The package includes:
• The Bluetooth Neckphone.
• USB Charger.
• 2 sets of extra ear buds. One big and one small. The medium type is fitted in the Neckphone itself.
• User Manual.
• iBall Service Centre List.

Design and build quality:
Design is good. It sits on the ear quite nicely. Weight of the headset will not bother you. But i experienced a slight pain behind the ear where it touches. It maybe because i'm not used to a headset like this. :-)

Build quality is not that good. Looks cheap! Some of the markings on the controls have already got erased! Maybe we have to compromise something because the headset is a low cost one.

All the controls, indicators, charging port, mic are situated in the right side. Controls available are two switches. First one allows us to control the play back. Pushing down will jump to next track and up to the previous track. Pressing the button will Play/Pause the present track.
The second button helps in various functions such as switch on/off, answer/end/reject call, voice dial/ redial last number. Pushing the button up/down will increase/decrease the volume.

An LED indicator is also there.

The charging port and the mic are situated at the bottom. Charging port is covered by rubber flap. Mic is on the right of the charging port as shown.
The Neckphone got fully charged in less than 2 hours and got connected to all the devices i tested easily (includes 2 laptops, 4 mobile phones of Nokia & Samsung). All the keys responded without any problem when paired with each device. There is a slight delay in every action though.

The performance and voice clarity are at par. No surrounding noise got in when played at high volume. The performance while playing song is not as good as a Sony headset but much better than Nokia's original one.. :)

The Mic also performed well in quiet conditions. Again the performance is at par in noisy conditions.

Battery backup is very good. Got around 6 to 7 hours working time.

Final Words
It is the lowest priced gadget in its class. For Rs. 1,700/- you get Bluetooth stereo headset with mic. Performs well though not the best.

If you are willing to pay around Rs. 1,500/- more then there is a very good alternative. Nokia BH-505.
Motorola Rokr S9-HD is also there for around Rs. 4,000/-
So its up to you whether to go for the Groovy or go for an alternative which are priced higher! 

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Vaishak said...

Dude, Good review! :)

Take care while walking on the roads/rails :)

Dnt want to Miss U :)

Prasad said...

haha.. ok dude! :))

Anonymous said...

man u got dat... n dat is

Prasad said...

thanks.. :)

Anonymous said...


Could you please post the User Guide and the Service Center sheet cos i lost those docs.

Baskar said...

hi.. can u mail me the user manual.. i seem to have lost them

Prasad said...

@both the above: i don't have it now. i've given it to somebody else. sorry that i couldn't help.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried connecting to a laptop,are the vista driver available?

Prasad said...

i connected it to laptops with Windows 7 installed. this headset does not need any driver. if the laptop has bt and the driver is properly installed, then this headset will get connected easily.

Taz said...

just purchased it for my macbook from a local store for 1750. my 13" macbook pro has comobo jack and I was using my iphone headfones for this but ppl complained that they could not hear me properly and there was a lot of disturbance. Hope this new headphoen fixes teh problem. Thansk fr d review :)

piyush yadav said...

bro ur price for the nokia bh 505 is absolutely wrong....i went to nokia care there the price of this nokia bh 505 headphones is 3220 i bought new i ball groovy headphones

Prasad said...

@piyush yadav: what are you saying? my price of bh 505 is exactly what you said!!!! you said 3220. what did i said in my post? i said "if you are willing to pay 1500/- MORE (ie, the price of Groovy 1700/- + 1500/-)" that is the price i said is 3200/-. !!

Prasad said...

@Taz: you're most welcome!

Anonymous said...

i want to know dat this hesdset is compatible with nokia5233,other nokia mobiles & samsung star 2............pls. reply me on my email:

amit said...

Dear Prasad,

Can groovy be charged with a ps3 usb cable? I have lost groovy charging cable and can't find a replacement. However, I can buy a PS3 cable.


Prasad said...

@Ankit: Groovy is compatible with every BT enabled BT-headset supported mobiles..

Prasad said...

@Amit: if PS3 cable is a micro usb cable, it can be charged..

Unknown said...

can you please tell me what charger to use with it,i lost mine and i can't find it anywhere

Prasad said...

u can charge it with any micro usb cable..

Anonymous said...

can not connect my i ball groovy with my's hp 540 series you have any solution??...not able to find drivers also......plz mail me at

Prasad said...

try installing external bluetooth softwares like IVT Bluesoleil.. Its easy to connect any BT devices through Bluesoleil than the default windows software.

Anonymous said...

im not able to connect in my HP laptop with Windows 7 Os. Its shows driver not found. Can any help me to get the driver to connect iball groovy head set to my laptop. Thanks in advance

Prasad said...

if you want the driver for bluetooth in your HP laptop, please go to their website and download the corresponding driver. Or else as i said in the previous comment, please use IVT Bluesoleil (a third party bt app). iBall Groovy does not have a particular driver. It connects to the lap/PC as a bt audio device.

Sagnik Majumdar said...


I have a samsung galaxy S3. What i'm curious is about the sound quality. Is it as good as the stock earphones provided by Samsung (which is pretty damn good-yeah i'm an audiophile) or better or worse. Pls let me know asap!


Prasad said...

@Sagnik: the answer is simple. NO! :) it will not give you a good quality output. if u need the best out of you s3 with BT stereo, go for sennheiser or boss headsets.

Sanjiv Sharma said...

does not works with my desktop message shown--- no drivers manufacturer...i have windows 7 installed

Sanjiv Sharma said...

how do i connect i ball groovy bluetooth neck phone with mic aith my pc (windows 7 installed) I have a blue tooth device connected to my pc and file transfer thru BT is OK....with i ball neck phone i get manufacturer for update cannot find drivers

Sanjiv Sharma said...

it works fine with any BT enabled mobile i tried it on HTC, NOKIA, IPHONE4S and samsung windows phone


arrey doston iball groovy pc pe bluetooth se connect nahi hota re
if any one did this please post asap...plz
thnx... :)

karan singh said...

hiii i am confuse between groovy and bh505 can you suggest me that which is the better one. I can spend money for both pls suggest me with specification thanx....

Prasad said...

@Sanjiv Sharma: i connected mine without any problem. Try it using BlueSoleil software installed.

Prasad said...

@Thushar: maine connect kiya hai mere pc ke sath aur laptop ke sath bhi. use it with BlueSoleil if built-in drivers are not working..

Prasad said...

@Karan: BH505 have better sound quality. No question about that! Groovy is light weight than bh505. if you are ready to spend money, i'll advice you to buy BH505 itself.

Himanshu said...

Brother I want to ask you a question... If i want to play counter strike using this, will the internal mic be used as a microphone device to transmit voice to the laptop???

Prasad said...

@Himanshu: yeah. the mic can be used to transmit voice to the lap. you can record your voice and also chat using it. so it should work with counter strike too.

Unknown said...

hi Prasad,
thanks for your detailed review,
how is the bass and treble performance? is there any cracking or distortion in sound? does the headphone sound as a quality prod ?

Prasad said...

you're welcome.. :-)
groovy is strictly a no for music lovers. its just for the people who want just a bluetooth stereo to hear songs or play games. bass and treble is nowhere near good. its just ok. i haven't experienced any cracking or distortion.


One of the best reviews i gone through !!! Keep up the good work bro !!

Soham Chauhan said...

Used it with my ipad 2, works great!!!!

Abinas Pattnayak said...

i am not able to connect it to my nokia phones...plzzz any one help me

Gady.Hari Pandu Ranga Rao said...

Hi I'm not able to get connect iball lappie with my laptop ( DELL INSPIRON 640m) with windows 7 ultimate installed. can anybody suggest me to connect ??

Gady.Hari Pandu Ranga Rao said...

I wish if prasad can help me ... ?? please help me prasad .

Prasad said...

@Brijesh: thank you.. appreciate it.. :)
@Soham: thats great.. :)

Prasad said...

@Abinas & Hari: have you made the headset discoverable before trying to connect it your devices? (ie, long press the on button)

Anonymous said...

is this bt headset compatible with samsung galaxy y s5360???? its bt version is 3.0 and android version is 2.3.6 gingerbread....!!!!

manish arora said...

I,m unable to find the usb charger for my iball groovy.can anybody help me with specifications of the usb that should be asked for in the store?

Apar Patel said...

I lost my charger and unable to charge it. will u please give me a name of the USB cable. please..

Anonymous said...

can we wear helmet while using this headset!

Ratna Prasad said...

I have this purchased in 2012. I have not used for an year. This is not getting charged now.. WHat should I do now, Please sugest. I am based in Hyderabad

Navakanth Reddy said...

I lost my charger and unable to charge it. will u please give me a name of the USB cable. please..

Anonymous said...

i need to know if this works with lumia phones and as well as with asus laptops. please reply soon.

roys said...

How to charge the headset is there any indicator light will display while charging.

ap technician said...

hello dear
i ll lost my start -up button.....,Please sugest servicing centers at hyd
I am based in Hyderabad

mann said...

i connected my iball groovy head set to dell lappy but sound still come from external speakers only

Shubham Parale said...

I lost ma groovy usb charger plz suggest me which one should I take??

ѕυмαη νєямα said...

I bought it from here : i dono how to configure it with my dell 16gb ram laptop....please help me..!!

Viresh said...

Can you suggest me a genuine website for purchasing BH-505? The market is flooded with fake products.
Bought one from Amazon. The seller sent a used one. Had to return after a long argument.
Flipkart has 2 new sellers selling this product. So I am apprehensive. A genuine link would be handy.

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